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Welcome! Thanks for stopping by Life&Cats, where we celebrate the feline species.  Whether you are a first time cat owner or a lifetime feline enthusiast you will find value here.

Have you ever felt that the public just doesn’t “get” cats? That, despite the popularity of cats on the internet, it’s still a dogs’ world out there?  Just walk into a big pet store and see.  Cats see the vet less often too.

There is this idea that cats are solitary and aloof animals that make low maintenance alternatives to dogs. In fact, cats are sensitive, unique animals who love their people just as much as dogs do.  They are just more subtle about it.  We cat people have to work harder to read them.  But when we do we can build a special bond with our furbabies that will enrich our lives forever.

We talk about all things cat here.  If you’ve ever asked “why does my cat do that?” You belong here.  If you’ve ever wondered how in the world to get two cats to get along, or if your senior cat needs a friend, or what to feed your new kitten, you have a place here.

You can join in on the conversation and discuss things like:

We all want to give our cats the best life possible.

Who We Are:


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I literally don’t remember ever not having a cat. I was 6 or 7 when I found a pair of blue and white feral kittens trying to scratch out a living in my parents’ compost pile.   My mother insists my connection with cats goes back even further.  She tells a story of taking me camping  when I was just a baby and coming out of the tent to find me on my blanket being visited by a young bobcat.

As a retired educator, I love to read, research, learn, and  write.  But it doesn’t feel complete unless I can share what I’ve learned with others.  The process of learning and teaching is more fun for me than binging on Netflix, though I’d rarely say no to a Harry Potter marathon.

I show several of my cats in the household pet division in both major associations and a local federation.  I have shown them to top titles and regional wins.  Rescue cats can surprise you with what they can do with the right communication and support. My experiences as a dance mom makes the cat show circuit feel perfectly natural.  I’m just fluffing a Persian coat instead of doing the perfect ballet bun in 15 seconds or less.

I have 7 years experience in the pet retail management jungle. That gave me experience working with brand representatives. I learned a lot about the cat product market.  My employer sponsored trainings in pet health and nutrition, behavior and training, and a lot of product specific seminars.

Adopting a special needs cat gave me a reason to do research on cat health and nutrition issues.  Each cat that has joined my family brings something new.  I truly found my passion when I adopted Plush and started showing him.

I hold a BA from American University in a very unrelated field. I have certifications in Essential Cat and Kitten Care and Pet First Aid.  I completed the Basics of Cat Grooming course from the National Cat Grooming Institute.   Currently, I am continuing study in cat behavior and training, psychology, and nutrition. The complexity of the feline mind and the human-feline bond never cease to amaze me. I am a professional member of the Cat Writers’ Association.

I run a house-call cat grooming and cat sitting service, and do contract administrative work,  in my off-blog hours.

Plush the Traveling Persian

black persian cat
Magic of Purrs Purrcival Plush Photo by Chanan.   IG:#plushthetravelingpersian

Officially Magic of Purrs Purrcival Plush, he is the headline show cat and cat tourist advocate.  His travels and show stories are a feature on Life&Cats Facebook and Instagram.   He is a rags to riches story.  From being left in a foreclosure to chasing a title in cat shows and the face of the blog.  You can read his story here.


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Treeno, photo by Billy Axel

Treeno is my heart and soul cat.  I “met” him on Petfinder and drove 12 hours to adopt him. A sometimes show cat, sometimes adventure cat, mostly enjoying retirement at 14 years old, Treeno inspired most of my research in health and wellness issues.  He came to me as a special needs adoption but is thriving now.

If you’d like to see more coverage of a topic on the blog, email at info @ or come hang out with us on Facebook and ask your questions, share your biggest struggle or greatest celebration.  We’d love to see pictures of your cats.

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