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Welcome to Life & Cats where we celebrate all things feline.

I’m HollyAnne, chief cat minder to a large multiple cat family and creator of this site. I believe that cats are misunderstood. Felines are not solitary, aloof animals that make a low maintenance alternative if you can’t have a dog.

In fact, cats are sensitive, unique animals who love their people just as much as dogs do. They are just more subtle in how they communicate it. We cat people have to work harder to read them. But when we do we can build a special bond with our furbabies that will enrich our lives – and theirs – forever. My mission is to educate and inspire cat guardians to give their felines the best life possible.

I am a professional cat sitter, consultant, cat exclusive groomer, and a professional member of the Cat Writers Association, I have over 10 years experience working in the pet industry. For the past 7 years I have exhibited cats in cat shows all around the country.

brown tabby norwegian forest cat on blue background
RW SGM Treeno
Photo by Billy Axel
woman wearing cat ear headband

Cat show fun
black persian cat on red background
HRW GHD Magic of Purrs Purrcival Plush
Photo by Chanan

My mother insists my connection with cats began at birth. She tells a story of taking me camping when I was just a baby and coming out of the tent to find me on my blanket being visited by a young bobcat.

The first cat I remember is a fluffy, blue and white, feral kitten that crawled out of my parents’ compost bin and into my heart when I was 5. Since then I have lived with cats for over 50 years. I have raised kittens, cared for geriatric cats, and everything in between. Each cat I have shared life with has inspired me to learn more about cats and their behavior, health, grooming, and enrichment needs. I hold certificates in cat first aid, cat behavior and training, pet nutrition, and cat and kitten care.

Join me as I share information and tips on giving our furbabies the best life possible.

A Clean Cat is a Happy Cat

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