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Cats are misunderstood. They are not the lazy, untrainable, low maintenance, generally aloof pet to get if you can’t have a dog.

Cats are smart and capable of much more than we humans give them credit for. The complexity of the feline mind and the human-feline bond fascinate me. Cats talk to us, we just have to know how to listen and respond. The more they trust us, the more they will respond. If we take the time to learn about Kitty’s world and respect her needs, we will have a fulfilling and affectionate relationship.

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We Love All Things Cat Here.

We talk about all things cat here. If you’ve ever asked “why does my cat do that?” You belong here. If you’ve asked “how do I get my cat to stop doing that?” You belong here. If you have ever wondered how in the world to get two cats to get along, or whether your senior cat needs a friend, or what to feed your new kitten, you have a place here.

Whatever cat-related question brought you here, we’d like to help you find the answers and hear about what worked best for you. Explore these featured categories.

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