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Best Tools for Grooming Short Haired Cats at Home

Last Updated on October 11, 2021 by Holly Anne Dustin

If you live with cats you know they spend a lot of their time licking and cleaning to get their fur in proper order. And you’ve no doubt experienced the by-products of that activity in all the hair all over your house and all the hairballs the cats cough up.

We can help our babies avoid those nasties with regular grooming. Contrary to what a lot of people assume, it is not just our long haired beauties that need our help. Short haired cats actually shed more than long haired cats shed. Both short and long haired cats require grooming.

These are my selections for best tools for your at-home grooming routine for your short haired kitties

Best Tools for Grooming Short Haired Cats at Home

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Nail Clippers

My recommendation for nail trimmers is a medium set of JW Nail Trimmers. They are technically “dog clippers” but I use them for my cats and my grooming clients. I find that I have much more control and can work more quickly and accurately with these than a traditional pair of cat nail trimmers.

best nail trimmers for short haired cats


The cat carding comb, specially designed for the founder of the National Cat Grooming Institute, is great for all-over body combing on short hair breeds. A good comb is the best grooming tool out there for grooming your short haired cats.

best cat comb for short haired cats

A flea comb to use to comb the shorter hair on Kitty’s face and feet. You want one with short metal tines, not the plastic style. Since you will be using this as a face and feet comb not an actual flea comb, get the shortest tines you can find. You will not actually use this as a flea comb through the long, thick fur on your furbaby’s body.

flea combs are a good tool for face grooming in short haired cats

Rubber Brush or Grooming Glove

The ZoomGroom or similar silicone brushes give Kitty a gentle massage and in the process removes loose dead hair. The “fingers” are flexible and gentle. I don’t recommend the tool for long haired cats but I love using this on short haired cats. The amount of fur it removes is really impressive!

I use it to “groom” cat trees and furniture that collect all the fur the cats shed in their sleeping spots too.

a zoom groom is one of the best tools for grooming short haired cats at home

Grooming gloves aren’t as efficient as the ZoomGroom. But if your short haired cat fights being groomed a grooming glove can be an acceptable option. It is similar enough to being stroked or petted that most cats will allow it. I use this version with cats at rescue. Cats that won’t let me brush them will allow me to pet them with these gloves.

best grooming glloves for grooming short haired cats at home

Mat Remover:

A mat remover will move small mats and clumps in your kitty’s coat. Don’t expect it to use it to remove large mats or pelts. It can also be used as an undercoat rake if you need it.

Pin Brush

A pin brush is a tool choice that can work on both long and short coated breeds. A good pin brush will have coated tips to protect Kitty’s skin. The bristles are long enough to pick up the dead under coat loosened by your combing.

pin brushes for grooming short haired cats at home

What Not to Buy to Groom Your Short Haired Cats

These tools are popular but in my opinion as a groomer, not the best tool choices to groom your short haired cat at home.

brown tabby cat on pin graphic for grooming short haired cats at home

A Furminator or a Knock-off Version of It.

These are super popular and make everyone’s list of best tools to groom your short haired cats.. What they don’t tell you is that Furminators are stripping blades. It will actually cut your cat’s coat. Your cat will “shed” for as long as you keep using the tool.

Keep brushing with it and your cat will get bald spots. Save your money. You can remove more undercoat with a bath, blowout and regular combing. Leave the Furminators for the professionals.

A Soft Bristle Brush.

These just skim along the top coat and really do nothing when grooming a cat except maybe add shine.

Slicker Brushes

These brushes are nice looking and have the benefit of not being able to scratch your kitty’s skin but they don’t really do much for actual grooming. A comb or a silicone/rubber brush will do a better job.

I don’t really recommend the metal slicker brushes or deshedding rakes either. They can hurt your furbaby’s delicate skin.

Check out our best cat shampoo list for our favorite picks for cat friendly shampoos to bathe your shorthaired cats.

If you can’t get your cat in to the groomers for whatever reason, it is still possible to keep your kitty’s coat in good condition by using the best tools for grooming short haired cats to develop a consistent grooming routine.

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