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Does Your Food Supplier Send Your Cat a Birthday Card?

Mine did.  Plush turns 7 (I still can’t believe it!) on the 29th.  He got a birthday card in the mail from!

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One of the reasons I love for my pet supplies is their commitment to customer happiness.I haven’t gotten one yet, but I’ve even seen little paintings of people’s pets that Chewy included in their supply order. I know a few people who have received flowers in memory of a cat that crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

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Customer Happiness is the Name of the Game for Chewy

In 2018, Forbes reported that Chewy outpaced Amazon as the leader in the online pet food market.  Commitment to having the best products and the best customer service is the reason. Chewy is a lot like a big online version of your local pet shop.

I spent 7 years working in the pet retail management jungle with a local brick and mortar business that prides itself on product knowledge and establishing relationships with customers. I know something about providing excellent customer service.

One thing I really hate is when you pick up the phone to get help with a problem or ask a question and get stuck in the automated “tech support” phone menu. Even my bank does that!  I’d rather just walk in and get a human to help me at that point but it wastes my time.

The Chewy customer support call centers are US based, where you talk to real people who know the products they are selling. No automated phone tree nightmare. You can get help 24-7, 365 days a year.

And if talking on the phone gives you anxiety like it does me, you can access their customer service chat online instead and still get that fast, friendly, and knowledgeable support. Email support is available too if you don’t need that instant response time.

The employees can answer your questions because Chewy trains them on the products they sell. They are not just there to answer the phone. If your cat has special dietary requirements, call up and ask about the food options. Need to know if a certain cat tree will fit in that perfect spot in the living room? Open up the chat feature and ask.

Many products have videos on the product webpage where a member of the Chewy staff explains the features and benefits of the product. Very helpful considering you are buying a product that you can’t put hands on. review pinnable graphic

Hassle-Free Return Policy

However, if something goes wrong and Kitty doesn’t enjoy the new food you selected, Chewy has your back there too.  They have a great return policy. Other than prescription items, they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If Kitty doesn’t like it, you can return it. The policy says you return the item and they refund it. In my experience with opened food products at least, you can donate the unused product to your favorite local shelter. That is at Chewy’s discretion.

Huge Selection of Pet Products

Chewy carries most of the big name products available in brick and mortar pet stores. Scratching posts, beds, litter and the boxes to put it in, grooming supplies, interactive toys, high-tech care options, they have it all.  You can even find offerings from the big name brands in freeze-dried raw food like Stella and Chewy’s or Primal.

Besides the good prices Chewy offers on quality brand name products, they have some lines exclusive to their site.  We reviewed the Tiny Tiger cat food brand. I was overall favorably impressed. My daughter’s cat is eating Tiny Tiger now and thriving on it.

They have a pharmacy too. While I am a firm believer that having my vet write a prescription to fill at my local pharmacy is the cheapest way to go for medication, Chewy stocks prescription diet options, flea and tick treatments, insulin and supplies for diabetic cats, supplies for cats that need fluids, Terramycin (my go to eye treatment) and more.

They have books and gifts for cat lovers too and a selection of memorial gifts to remember your cat that has passed on.

Your adventure cat can find the perfect sweater or accessory for her next trip, and they carry strollers, backpacks, car seats,  and a variety of harnesses and leashes.

Save Time and Money

Buying online from saves me time and money. I’m not running to stores, spending time and gas. Somehow I am much less prone to the “add it to my cart” impulse online. I get what I need and log off. So I save the money that I would spend on impulse purchases walking to the back of the stores where the cat stuff always is.

Chewy’s offers daily deals. It is like the Amazon daily deal. You don’t need a coupon code or anything, just add your choices to your shopping cart. Definitely check that section of their website out!

Their shipping is great too. Chewy orders over $49 receive free one- to two-day shipping. The standard shipping fee for orders less than $49 is only $4.95. Chewy can usually get your order to you within 1-2 days.

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Convenient and Affordable Way to Keep a Steady Supply

Autoship is another way to save some money and headaches. You can schedule recurring shipments of your favorite products. Great for cat litter and food. You save 5-10% on autoship orders and they give you a 30% off deal on your first autoship order.

You can change your orders as you need. Chewy sends you an email a few days ahead of time to remind you that your order is set to ship. You can change the date or number of items or push it off for a month if you need to reset it your autoship.

chewy shipping box

I still visit my local store to see my friends, buy frozen products, or things I can’t wait a couple days for. But Chewy really takes care of meeting my cats’ needs while saving me time and money.  Plus, your Chewy order will come in a box stuffed with crinkly paper that cats love! Even the bears like it.
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